A little Romanian lesson for anyone interested.

First of all there are a few letter that we dont have in English.
ţ = ts, like the sound in CATS
ş = sh, like the sound in SHIP

There are also letters with accents but that is too much to try and explain.

C makes a sound different from English. Basically just imagine every that every C without a H next
to it really has one, and all the C's with an H are K's. Ca, co, and cu are exceptions but are rarely seen, or at least by me.
Ce = chay, like the name Che Guevara
Ci = chee
Che = kay
Chi = key

Another aspect of Romanian to keep in mind is that if the word ends in i, for instance luni. You dont pronounce the I unless there are two I's at the end.

Some commonly used words:

Alimentara = Food Shop
Bine/Bun = Good
Bună ziua = Good day 
Căpşune = Strawberries
Cireşe = Cherries
Caruța = Horse and buggy
Da = Yes
Foarte gustos = Very Tasty
Hai Noroc = Cheers
Magazin = Convenience store
Nu = No
Poftim = Here you go, please say that again,  and about six or seven other uses that I dont remember. Its an all purpose word.
Raion = Moldova is separated into raions instead of states. Each raion is about the size of a county and has a raion center which is usually the largest town and is where the raion government is located.
Rutiera = Minibus, seats for about 12 people. Usually packed with at least thirty. 
Scoala = School
Scuzați = Sorry & excuse me